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About Stone Touch

Gujarat’s basic aggressiveness and individuality is well mirrored in sculptures and miniatures with bold details, pronounced curves and bright and bold colors. Though the sculptures of Gujarat do not have the grace as compared to roman type, but certainly they have the rugged and aggressiveness dialect of its own. The non sculptural village tradition of Gujarat’s stone carving has a high level of vibrancy and lively character caused by its distinct spontaneous expressions. This in turn gave birth to development of local approach influenced by prevailing folk traditions. These classes of work are local shrines, memorial canopies, hero and sati stones, architecture fixer and objects of daily household use. The building of temples has never ceased in Gujarat and so the tradition of stone carving is still alive in the lively state-Gujarat.

It was with the view to preserve and cultivate these art forms of stone carving and handicrafts that gracefully transcend from the great stone artist Shri Amritlal Kanji Sompura. Shri Amritlal Kanji Sompura with his marvelous skill of sculpting was nominated as one of the seven jewels of Gujarat by Dr.Vikram Sarabhai. The First Governor of Gujarat known as ‘Medi Nawab’ appreciated his art forms and congratulated him personally by taking a photograph with him and words of encouragement. He was one of the childhood friends with Shri Ravishankar Rawal, a famous and renowned artist and a household name amongst the artists of Gujarat. Such excellence and craftsmanship has bestowed upon his descendents. In modern times, Mr.Nilkamal Sompura has succeeded in fitting into the boots of his grandfather. Mr. Nilkamal has taken the traditional art form to national and international with his own innovations.

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